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BiPolar - Manic Depressive, Diabetic, OCD, ADD & RLS World

With a Hint of Schizophrenia, Social Isolation and Hallucinations

A touch of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Repetition

Oh, i almost forgot, Aerophagia (just kidding)


Aerophagia is a condition where large amounts of air are swallowed and you Belch Often.

 It occurs most often in people who are very anxious or who have mental health problems.

"Or, it could be that i drink Diet Mtn Dew all day long."

It also happens when i chew gum.. i wonder why?

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"If God had made me any better, He would have kept me for Himself." ...Cadence (1990)



If You are wondering why my WebSite is so Plain and Simple...


It's because i want it that way... That's why. Now, Go Mind your own damn business!


My wife started calling me ThunderBoy because RainMan was already taken.


It's a number thing... i have a knack for remembering all the numbers i hear.


i also have a way of remembering lots of little details about the past.


For some reason the older i get the more details i remember.



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