01 - NO Sweet BBQ Sauce (what happened to regular BBQ Sauce?)

02 - NO Sweet Hot Sauce (what happened to regular Hot Sauce?)

03 - NO Alfredo Sauce on anything. Some of us still Love Red Sauce

04 - NO Sweets on Meat (NO Honey Baked Ham, ONLY Country Ham) (Salty Please, Not Sweet)

05 - NO Peanut Butter on Chicken or any other Meat (another sweet on meat)

06 - NO Chocolate in Chili (another sweet on meat)

07 - NO Cinnamon in Chili.. EVER!! (Sort of like another sweet on meat)

08 - NO Pecans or Almonds on Chicken or Fish or Shrimp (it's weird)

09 - NO Coconut on Shrimp (another sweet on meat)

10 - NO Shrimp with Any Part of the Shell left on (shouldn't have to peel anything in order to eat it)

11 - NO Chutney or Other Fruit Served on Meat (NO fruit served on any kind of meat) (another sweet on meat)

12 - NO Thin, Crispy Crust on Pizza (Only hand tossed crust.!!! Need bread to go with all the toppings)

13 - NO Hard Skin Bread Ever.!! (bread is suppose to be soft) (i want to be able to chew it)

14 - NO Sandwiches Toasted.!! (don't like hard crunchy bread)

15 - NO Lemon on Seafood (just because someone started doing this a long time ago doesn't mean that i want to do it too.!!!)

16 - NO Lemon on Fresh Water Fish (fresh water fish is NOT seafood)

17 - NO Cilantro in Anything... Period. (it always taste of soap)

18 - NO Parsley in Anything... Period. (it's just for color and a waste of my time)

19 - NO Runny Eggs - i want My Eggs Cooked Hard, Dead, Done!... Period.!!!

20 - NO Spoon in my UnSweetened Tea.!! Ever!! (i can stir the tea with a straw Thank You)

21 - NO Citrus in Pastry (Panera puts Orange Zest in ALL of their pastry) (Everything Shouldn't taste of Orange)

22 - NO More Lemon or Orange Zest in Anything.!! (both have been WAY over used.!!!)


Many more will be added as they come up, i Promise.!!!


ThunderBoyDavid, 01.06.2016, 01:20