My Favorite Lines from some of my Favorite Songs...



Between White and Black, Night and Day, Black Night seems like the only way ...Prince



If You open your mind for me, You won't rely on open eyes to see ...Queensr˙che



i wonder what Tomorrow has in Mind for me, or am i even in it's Mind at all ...Styx



Say what You mean, and mean what You say ...Prince



i think i'll still be scared, even after i die ...PM Dawn



i'm schizophrenic and so am i ...Styx



i Believe in Heaven more than Hell ...Common (Featuring



Anywhere i roam, Where i lay my head is home,

Carved upon my stone, My body lies, But still i roam ...Metallica



On my own, here we go ...Green Day



Have you ever been so lonely that you felt like you were the only one in this world?

Have you ever wanted to play with someone so much you'd take any one boy or girl? ...Prince



"if You're all alone, and a friend you need,

  like a river flows, You hurt, i'll bleed,

  if You trust in me, we can find a way,

  take away the pain, time heals all things,

  even a lonely state of mind,

  cause, happiness is oh so hard to find." ...Janet Jackson



"i'll bring fire in the Winters,

 You'll send showers in the Springs,

 we'll fly through the Falls and Summers,

 with Love on our wings"...Dan Fogelberg



"It's been awhile since i could look in myself straight,

  and it's been awhile since i said i'm sorry" ...Staind



"These wounds won't seem to heal, this pain is just to real,

  there's just to much that time can not erase" ...Evanescence



"See, Words are like Shoes, They're just something You stand on

  i wish You could be in my Shoes,

  but they're probably so High, You'd fall off and die,

  for You, Words are definitely not Shoes,

  They're Weapons and Tools of Destruction,

  and Your time is boring unless You're putting Something down,

  what would Life be, if We believed what We read

  with Smiles just hiding a Frown?

  come now, isn't Life a little better with a pair of good Shoes?"  ...Prince



"One of these days i'm gonna love me

  And feel the joy of sweet release

  One of these days i'll rise above me

  And at last i'll find some peace

  And then i'm gonna smile a little

  And maybe even laugh a little

  But, One of these days...

  i'm gonna love me" ...Tim McGraw



"Now and then, i get insecure

  From all the pain, i'm so ashamed

  i am beautiful no matter what they say

  Words can't bring me down

  i am beautiful in every single way

  Yes, words can't bring me down" ...Christina Aguilera



"If i had a box just for wishes

  And dreams that had never come true

  The box would be empty

  Except for the memory

  Of how they were answered by You" ...Jim Croce



"Love gives You the right to be free" ...Whitney Houston



"Without evil there could be no good

  So it must be good to be evil sometimes" ...South Park



"i'm in the heart of Dixie,

  Dixie's in the heart of me" ...Alabama



"There's only One rule in the Real World,

  and, That's to take care of You, Only You and Yours" ...Too Short



"What drives You on (Drives You on)

  Can drive You mad (Drive You mad)" ...Garbage



"Can Anybody hear me, or am i just wasting minutes?" ...Cledus T. Judd



"it's hard to believe we need a place called Hell" ...INXS



"Don't buy the daily papers any more woman,

  Read all about what's going on in hell.

  They don't care to tell the world of kindness,

  Good news never made a paper sell.

  There's all the colours of the rainbow in the garden woman,

  And symphonies of music in the sky.

  Heaven's all around us if you're looking,

  But how can you see it if you cry." ...John Williamson



"i got lost in the sounds

  i hear in my mind, all these voices

  i hear in my mind, all these words

  i hear in my mind, all this music

  And it breaks my heart" ...Regina Spektor



"So many times out there

  I've watched a happy pair

  Of lovers walking in the night

  They had a kind of glow around them

  It almost looked like Heaven's light

  I knew I'd never know

  That warm and loving glow

  Though I might wish with all my might

  No face as hideous as my face

  Was ever meant for Heaven's light

  But suddenly an angel has smiled at me

  And kissed my cheek without trace of fright

  I dare to dream that she might even care for me

  And as i ring these bells tonight

  My cold dark tower seems so bright

  I swear it must be Heaven's light" ...Quasimodo



"Keep Your Head Up High

  And Scream Out To The World

  I Know I Am Someone

  And Let The Truth Unfurl

  No One Can Hurt You Now

  Because You Know It's True

  Yes, I believe In Me

  So You Believe In You" ...Michael Jackson



"Well You do what You do and You pay for your sins,

  and there's no such thing as what might have been,

  That's a waste of time; Drive You out of your mind" ...Tim McGraw



"i am just a worthless liar

  i am just an imbecile

  i will only complicate You

  Trust in me and fall as well

  i will find a center in You

  i will chew it up and leave,

     Trust me.

     Trust me.

     Trust me.

     Trust me." ...Tool



"If i sell my Soul, Now what will it Cost?" ...Prince



"Hearts are Broken, Everyday" ...Jewel



"i'm half alive but i feel mostly dead" ...Jewel



"Dreams last for so long

  Even after you're gone

  i know you love me

  And soon i know you will see

  You were meant for me

  And i was meant for you


  You were meant for me and i was meant for you" ...Jewel



"If God is a DJ

  Life is a Dance Floor

  Love is the Rhythm

  You are the Music

  If God is a DJ

  Life is a Dance Floor

  You get What You're Given

  It's All How You Use It" ...Pink



"Well i've never prayed, But tonight i'm on my knees, yeah.

  i need to hear some sounds that recognize the pain in me, yeah.

  i let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind, i feel free now.

  But the airwaves are clean and there's nobody singing to me now." ...The Verve



"You never doubted my warped opinions on things like suicidal hate

  You made me compliment myself when it was way too hard to take

  So i'll drive so fucking far away that i never cross your mind

  And do whatever it takes in your heart to leave me behind" ...Blue October



"When green is all there is to be

  It could make you wonder why

  But why wonder why wonder

  i am green, and it'll do fine

  It's beautiful, and i think it's what i want to be" ...Kermit The Frog



"What i am is what i am, are You what You are or what?" ...Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians



"Sometimes the Clothes, Do Not make the Man" ...George Michael



"There is no Life I know

  To compare with Pure Imagination

  Living there You'll be free

  If you truly wish to be" ...Willy Wonka



"If a man is considered guilty

  4 what goes on in his mind

  Then gimme the electric chair

  4 all my future crimes-OH

  Electric chair, the electric chair" ...Prince



"i just remembered that i'm absent minded

  Wait, i mean i've lost my mind, i can't find it" ...Eminem



"Sometimes You tell the Day by the Bottle that You Drink" ...Bon Jovi



"Some things are better left unsaid

  Some strings are better left undone

  Some hearts are better left unbroken

  Some lives are better left untouched

  Some lies are better off believed

  Some words are better left unspoken" ...Daryl Hall & John Oates



"Love Hurts When Only One's in Love" ...Rick Springfield



"Look but don't Touch, unless You want to Loose Your Innocence" ...Britney Spears



"Holding someone is truly believing there's joy in repetition" ...Prince



"When they tell me 2 walk a straight line, i put on crooked shoes

  When they tell me that i can't live forever, i pay some more of my dues" ...Prince



"People dancing all in the street.
  See the rhythm all in their feet.
  Life is good, wild and sweet,
  Let the music play on.
  (Play on, play on, play on, play on...)
  Feel it in your heart,
  And feel it in your soul.
  Let the music take control.
  We're go'ng to party, liming, fiesta, forever.
  Come on and sing my song." ...Lionel Richie