Proof - That i am Abnormal

The Doctor said So

The Difference in Temperature on my face could not be explained

so the Doctor said i was Abnormal


i went to this Doctor to find out why i was having Migraine Headaches

i quit seeing this Doctor in Birmingham, and started seeing one in Huntsville.

i'm happy to say that the Migraines got a little better.. but they still showed up at the wrong time.


Update: i was visiting my Otolaryngologist, Dr. Wittich, and telling him about my migraine headaches.

He made X-rays of my head and found a Cyst in my Sinus Cavity underneath my left cheek.

The Cyst had formed on a Post from a root canal.. the Dentist had pushed in to far.

Dr. Wittich removed the Cyst and my whole life changed... for the better.

A short time after the surgery Dr. Wittich retired. i have Not found a new ENT yet.

i miss You Dr. Wittich.