By Prince

Girl, U excite me so
Ooh wee baby, your body's like no other
Girl, it's U I gotta know (gotta know)
Ooh wee baby, I bet U're quite a lover
Ooh girl, I wanna take U home
Ooh wee baby, U're dreaming I scream inside U
I want U in the worst way
U make me...
Girl Girl

Girl, won't U kiss me?
Ooh wee baby, my lips they want U so
Girl, how can U resist me? (how can U resist me?)
The smell of animal lust is all, all over me (all, all over me)
Oh girl, if I could hold your hand
I'd make U touch my body until U understand
I'm your man all night, all day
I want U in the worst way
U make me...

Caress the flower
Warm, warm
Bring it 2 the garden
The garden? Ha ha
Be poetic
Tell me what it feels like
I see the electricity ()

Now that's wonderful
Talk 2 U? Talk 2 U?
What do U wanna hear?
If I was anything else I'd be the water in your bath, darling

(Girl) Girl, U excite me so
Ooh wee baby, my flesh is on fire
(Girl) Girl, the way U play with it
Ooh wee baby, I think U desire me
Oh Girl
Make a wish, baby (make a wish)
Anything (anything)
We'll make it come true (make it come true)
Me and U (me and U)
I want U in the worst way
U make me...
Ooh girl
(Girl) (Girl)

U like the dreaming I scream...
Girl, your lips are so wet (Girl)
Feel my hands, they're all sweaty (Girl)
I don't know, I... I guess U frighten me
Cuz I've never wanted anyone like this before
2 feel this way it's like, I don't know, it's like a sin
Cuz sometimes I feel bad
Sometimes I want U so much I can...
God, all I have 2 do is think about U and I can have an orgasm
That sounds funny, doesn't it? Ha ha
Marry me
Yeah that's right, marry me

Girl, don't U ever get lonely sometimes? (Girl)
Gir... girl, don't U ever...
Don't U ever want someone...
Don't U ever want someone just 2...
Don't U ever want someone just 2 talk 2?
Well, U can talk 2 me, baby
I'm... I'm a good listener
U know what?
U know what else?
U know what else I am?
U know what else I am, I am?
I'm a good kisser 2, Ha

Come here
Come here, closer
Come here, come here
Your ass is so tight
Come here, come here
That's it, right there
Darlin' I... I'll never...

{Backwards message is Wendy repeating lyrics using "Boy" instead of "Girl"}




() (These are the words i choose to hear)

(To me, Prince is singing about the vibes between himself and the Girl)

(Everyone else seems to think that Prince is saying, "A sea of electricity")
(Choose whatever You want to sing. It's all up to You)