Here are some of my Favorite Songs, Favorites for Many Reasons.

There are so many more that need to be added to the page.!!!


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01. Anna Stesia - Prince  --  (Changed My Life) (Love God and Love ALL the People in Your Life)


02. Badman's Song - Tears For Fears - (One of my favorite songs to sing-a-long with)


03. Be Here Now - Ray LaMontagne  --  (Listen close for Words that are whispered)

04. Beautiful - Christina Aguilera -- (Yes, i am different. Yes i see the world in a different way. But that's what makes me so special)

05. Black Orchid - Blue October  --  (Sad Song)

06. Blowing Kisses In The Wind -- Paula Abdul (Wonderful Love Song) (Pure '80s)

07. Bring Him Home - Alfie Boe  --  (The Harp Makes This Song) (i cry every time i hear this song)

08. Can't Let Go - Mariah Carey -- (one of my favorite Mariah Songs)

09. Come In From the Rain - The Captain and Tennille  --  (The Rain & The Piano at the beginning and end of the song makes me cry every time)

10. Cootamundra Wattle - John Williamson  -- (All the colours of the rainbow are in the garden, Symphonies of Music in the sky, Heaven's All Around us if You're Looking)

11. Darlin' I - Vanessa Williams  --  (The Voice is also an important instrument)

12. Dream On - Aerosmith (Live with Orchestra) -- (One of my most favorite songs!!!)

13. Dreaming With A Broken Heart - John Mayer  --  (Very Sad Song)

14. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac  --  (1st Song i remember hearing and liking) (This Song Started my Love for Music) (Musicians Play the Way They Feel It)

15. Even After I Die - P.M. Dawn  --  (i always get choked up when i get to the last two lines)

16. For An Angel - Paul van Dyk  --  (One of the 1st Trance Songs that got me hooked on the Trance Genre)

17. For Your Eyes Only - Sheena Easton -- (a favorite song from the past)

18. Girl (12" Vinyl) - Prince  --  (This song always makes me happy no matter how i am feeling) (was going to keep it for myself, but i finally added it to the site) (it's not so much the words, it's more the music)

19. God is a DJ - P!nk - (Great song with a Great message)

20. Grown Men Don't Cry - Tim McGraw  --  (and Yes.. Real Men do Cry)

21. Hurt - Christina Aguilera  --  (Sad Song)

22. I Sing For You - Daniel Letterle - (Great Love song from the movie "Camp")

23. If I Ain't Got You (Some People Live) - Artist Unknown  --  (Beautiful Song) (Love the Voice)

24. I'm Going To Go Back There Someday - Gonzo  --  (Sad Song)

25. I'm Still Your Fool - David Slater  --  (Sad Song)

26. Look What You've Done To Me - Boz Scaggs  --  (i fell in love with this song the 1st time i heard it) (Sad Song)

27. Lost In Love - Air Supply -- (Great Love Song)

28. Mountains - Prince  --  (One of my Favorite Happy Songs) (The Music Gives me a Warm Feeling)

29. Music Box - Mariah Carey -- (Listen to this as if it were a Prayer)

30. My All - Mariah Carey  --  (Emotional) (Sad Song)

31. My Home's in Alabama - Alabama  --  (Yes, i live in Alabama)

32. Not Ready To Make Nice - Dixie Chicks --  (This song means a lot to me)

33. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica  --  (Very Powerful song) (i Love the Music (how it flows), and i Love the Words (the message being given))

34. One Of These Days - Tim McGraw  --  (Sad Song)

35. Ooh Baby Baby - Linda Ronstadt  --  (Loved this song 1st time i heard it) (Love the Flow)

36. Pictures Of You - The Cure  --  (Sad Song) - (It's The Cure. What else is there to say?)

37. Pink Cashmere - Prince  --  (Great Guitar Solo and Fun to Sing-Along with)

38. Porcelain - Moby -- (i never meant to hurt You)

39. Pure Imagination - Gene Wilder -- (Those of you who know... know why)

40. Sailing - Christopher Cross  --  (What makes this song so Special... The Strings!!!)

41. Silent Lucidity - Queensr˙che  --  (Very Deep song)

42. So Sick - Ne-Yo  --  (Sad Song)

43. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid - Daryl Hall and John Oates  --  (A FAVORITE) (LIFE CHANGING)

44. Strange But True - Prince  --  (Weird Song) (The Music, The Words, His Voice)

45. Stupid Girl - Garbage  --  (So Many Emotions With This Song)

46. The Ladder - Prince and The Revolution  --  (Sad Song) (There lived a king who didn't deserve 2 (be) (live)) - (Prince says them Both at the same time)

47. The Question Of U - Prince  --  (Great Song) (If i sell my Soul, What will it cost?)

48. The Road and the Radio - Kenny Chesney -- (Great Message)

49. The Roof - Mariah Carey  --  (How the Song Flows) (Very Soothing)

50. Time Waits For No One - Mavis Staples  --  (Guitar Solo by Prince - i knew it was Prince when i heard the song for the 1st time on the radio) (Has a Great Message) (The Woman Can Sing!)

51. Times Like These (Acoustic) - Foo Fighters  --  (Acoustic) (Audio Ripped From Official Music Video)

52. Untitled - The Cure  --  (Very Sad Song) (A Favorite)

53. Via Dolorosa - Sandi Patty -- (Very Emotional song. Listen to the Strings and her voice!!!) (The Human Voice is a Very Special Instrument)

54. Waiting For Love - P!nk -- (The Best song P!nk has ever done!!!) (i always think of the ending of "Heavy Metal" when i hear this song)

55. Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do  - Prince  --  (Listen to this song as if it were God speaking to You)

56. Woman In Chains - Tears For Fears  --  (Has to be ONE OF THE BEST Songs that i have EVER Heard!)

57. You Save Me - Kenny Chesney  --  (The Guy Has a Great Voice)

58. You Were Meant For Me - Jewel  --  (Sad Song) (i cry every time i hear this song)

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