Let me introduce you to Bonnie...


i first saw Bonnie on the side of an old country road one day on my way 

to a friend's house on the river down in Jemison, Alabama.


i Thought that someone had thrown her out and left her...

i saw her in the same area for several weeks....

So..i started going down every afternoon to feed her and give her water

Vienna sausages help get me in her good graces!


i tried to catch her but could not - she was too scared to let anyone touch her.

So i called the Humane Society in Chilton County.

They picked her up and kept her for a week. No one wanted her.

i decided to get her and foster her till i could find her a home.


She needed a lot of work.. and i wanted to try...

Try to give her a life that was worthy for such a Great dog.

She really loves the raw hide chews..


i got her home...took her to the vet.. got her cleaned up and all her shots..

She had about four kinds of worms and needed lots of medicine and attention..

i wanted to maybe keep her in the house.. but she wanted to eat the cats..

i made her a dog house in the back yard...and put her on a line..


She is so pretty.. and i don't know if it is because of what she went through..

But she is the kindest, most loving dog i had ever seen..

she does not try to bite me.. or injure me in any way...

she does not jump up on me...


She is a little scared.. and who could blame her..

There is no telling what kind of abuse she went through growing up..

and the abuse of being left on the side of the road for weeks..



As the weeks go by.. and i'm looking for a new home for Bonnie..

She starts to gain a little weight and looking much better..

She has learned what Take Out boxes are... and i find out that she

loves Chinese food.. but hates the carrots....



Weeks had turned into a couple of months..

She is doing really well.. and i think she has adjusted to having

someone love and care for her... she is still a little scared at first..

i learned that Tuesday is the day McDonalds has their cheese burgers on sale..

i buy her 10.. She Loves them.. except for the pickles..

How can she inhale an entire cheeseburger and spit out just the pickle?


i found a mass on Bonnie's stomach.. it turned out to be cancer.

The vet gave her two to three months to live..

i decided to keep her and give her all that i can..

She does not like toys.. i guess because she had never seen any..

But she does love baked potatoes with sour cream and butter...


Bonnie started swelling all around... her body was starting to give out..

She started sleeping a lot.. and not moving around too much..

It had been six months since the vet gave me the bad news...

i loaded her up in the truck.. and took her to the vet after a day of playing

and eating hamburgers...

The vet gave her the shot... and she laid her head down on my hand and fell asleep...


i really miss you Bonnie Blue Girl